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King Charles III coronation details revealed by Palace

King Charles III will be crowned at Westminster Abbey on May 6, eight months after his accession to the throne. Details for the upcoming celebrations were revealed over the weekend, with Queen Camilla tipped to play a central role in the event, which will see her crowned alongside her husband. Buckingham Palace has so far remained tight-lipped over who will be included in the guest list for the historic event, but it is believed that a number of charity representatives, foreign royals, Government officials and faith leaders are likely to be part of the congregation. It is currently thought that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are unlikely to attend the ceremony, and according to some experts and insiders, the decision may not be left to the monarch.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s strained relationship with the Royal Family has been in the spotlight since the release of their explosive Netflix documentary series in December and the publication of Harry’s tell-all memoir earlier this month.

Historian Dr George Gross, Visiting Research Fellow in Theology at King’s College London, said it's very difficult to know at the moment whether the couple, who live overseas in Montecito, California, will be in attendance.

Speaking previously to Express.co.uk, he explained: “I think it's a real unknown, if you have them there does it make that a story? If you don't have them there, does that also make it a story? I think what the Palace will want to do above else, whoever the guests are, is to keep the focus on the monarch.”

The historian noted parallels between Harry and Edward VIII, later the Duke of Windsor, who did not attend the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953, but explained that it was then-Prime Minster Winston Churchill who banned the former king from the event.

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Charles and Camilla were spotted attending church on Sunday (Image: Getty)

Charles to break silence on Harry and Meghan in Christmas speech with 'no hidden messages'

King Charles III will break Buckingham Palace's silence on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during his first-ever Christmas speech, royals sources have claimed. The royal household has remained tight-lipped on the couple since their Netflix docuseries came out.

What could the King say in the speech?Find out more HERE.

“The historian's parallel is that of Edward VIII who, of course, did not attend the Coronation and that was a state's decision, or rather it seems that it was Churchill's decision,” he said. “That's because this is also a state function, so in some ways it's also up to the Prime Minister to decide and provide his advice.”

Charles has reportedly been encouraged to use the so-called “Churchill precedent”, allowing him to take the “impossible” decision of Harry’s attendance out of his hands and into Rishi Sunak’s.

Following the furore over the Duke of Sussex’s memoir Spare, the King would face the difficult choice of either banning his son or enduring a media circus over Harry and his wife’s attendance.

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“The Coronation is a state event and funded by the state,” a source told The Mail on Sunday. “So, in the same way that Winston Churchill advised the Duke of Windsor to stay away, the decision of whether to invite Harry, who has no official Royal role and no state function at the ceremony, will be down to the government rather than just his father.”


Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in June 1953 (Image: Getty Images)


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However, Whitehall insiders said: “Traditionally, the Royal Household provides us with the number of royal guests, without giving their identity, and we construct the arrangements on that basis.”

Mr Gross told Express.co.uk: “In general, you'd anticipate most of the core members of the Royal Family being invited. And while he [Harry] still remains a designated stand-in it would seem unusual for him not to be there.”

He also recognised the difference in status between the two royals, as well as the fact the Duke of Sussex is the King’s second son and stressed that the parallel between Harry and Edward isn’t perfectly fitting, saying: “The possible parallel is Edward VIII, but that's actually elevating Harry's status as he hasn't been a King.”

After an 11-month reign, Edward abdicated the throne, choosing love over duty when he gave up his royal destiny to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

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Edward abdicated the throne to marry American socialite Wallis Simpson (Image: Getty)

His abdication, in December 1936, meant that his younger brother acceded the throne as King George VI, and in turn, made the heir apparent his niece then-Princess Elizabeth, who later ruled as the longest-reigning Britsh monarch in history, Queen Elizabeth II.

Following his and Wallis’ wedding, Edward was given the title of Duke of Windsor and lived the majority of his life in exile in France. He and the Duchess of Windsor rarely returned to the UK and kept a distance from the Royal Family.

Some 17 years after the abdication, Elizabeth had acceded the throne and Prime Minister Winston Churchill resolved the difficult dilemma over the possible attendance of the exiled king at the new monarch’s coronation.

According to documents at the National Archives, the Duke of Windsor was told to inform the press an ex-sovereign would not be permitted to attend the coronation of a new one.

Winston Churchill played an integral role in the late Queen's Coronation (Image: Getty)

Sir Norman Brook, then-Cabinet Secretary, wrote in his official minutes that Prime Minister Churchill had “advised him not to come to coronation”.

“He will say to press that it would not be consistent with usage for Coronation to be attended by any or former ruler,” he scribed.

As Mr Gross noted, Buckingham Palace will likely strive to keep the focus on King Charles and his Coronation.

When asked by ITV’s Tom Bradby whether he will be in attendance, Harry made it clear that he felt as if it was up to his family to decide. “There's a lot that can happen between now and then. But, you know, the door is always open. The ball is in their court,” he said. “There's a lot to be discussed and I really hope that they can - that they are willing to sit down and talk about it, because there's a lot that's happened in six years. And prior to that as well.”

(Video) Royal fan spotted blocking 'Not My King' sign with umbrella as King Charles goes past

Harry has suggested the decision should be left to the Royal Family (Image: Getty)

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Speaking of the event, a Palace source said: “His Majesty understands people are going through some very tough times and wants to do what he can to lift the nation. He knows people are struggling and wants them to get involved and to celebrate in their own way.”


The three-day celebration will kick off on May 6, with the crowning of King Charles and Camilla. On May 7, the concert will take place at Windsor Castle. And on May 8, a bank holiday, a day of volunteering will be held in tribute to the King’s public service.

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A senior royal source said: “Our intention is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to take part in the celebrations.”

Dr Gross is leading with Dr David Crankshaw, Lecturer in the History of Early Modern Christianity at King’s, research on the "British Coronations Project c.973–present", a comprehensive analysis of what these events reveal about our past, our present and about ourselves.

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Was Prince Harry invited to King Charles coronation? ›

Charles' younger son Prince Harry will also attend the coronation, but three members of the royal family will be notably absent. Harry's wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and their two children Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet will not attend. The trio plan to stay behind in California, where they live.

Will there be a royal coronation for King Charles? ›

While Charles became King on the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II last September, the coronation on Saturday was the formal crowning of the monarch.

Why did Meghan not come to the coronation? ›

Meanwhile, The Telegraph understands that the main reason behind the Duchess of Sussex's decision to remain in the US was the desire to celebrate Prince Archie's fourth birthday, which falls on the same day as the Coronation.

How much money did Prince Harry inherit? ›

Princess Diana Left Him an Inheritance

According to Forbes, Princess Diana reportedly left both Prince William and Prince Harry $10 million after taxes, and they started receiving annual dividends at age 25 to the tune of $450,000 a year. That's a lot to live on—even for a fancy royal.

Why wasn t Prince Harry at the coronation of King Charles? ›

He reportedly had plans to fly home for his son's birthday, according to the BBC. He did not appear on the balcony at Buckingham Palace alongside the other royals who had gathered to wave to admiring crowds after the coronation.

Are Meghan and Harry invited to the coronation? ›

At King Charles's coronation next month, Prince Harry will be in attendance, but Meghan Markle will not. Buckingham Palace said in a statement they were "pleased to confirm that The Duke of Sussex will attend the Coronation Service at Westminster Abbey on May 6th.

Can Camilla be crowned queen? ›

On Saturday, Camilla became the 29th Queen Consort to be crowned at Westminster Abbey.

Will Camilla be queen if Charles dies? ›

However, the crowning of Camilla has not led to any changes in the line of succession and she does not stand to inherit the throne upon the death of the King.

How long will Charles Coronation last? ›

King Charles III's coronation is due to last around two hours. The ceremony should begin at 11am BST and is meant to be coming to an end at 1pm BST.

Will Prince Harry attend his father's coronation? ›

Prince Harry will attend the coronation of his father King Charles III, but travel back to the U.S. to celebrate his son's birthday. LONDON -- Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will attend the coronation of his father King Charles III, but travel back to the U.S. to celebrate his son's birthday, ABC News has learned.

What did Kate inherit from the Queen? ›

How much did Kate Middleton inherit from Queen Elizabeth II? Radar Online reported in September 2022 that was Kate was expected to inherit $110 million in jewelry from the Queen after her death. The collection includes 300 personal pieces of jewelry that belonged just to the Queen and not the Crown.

Will Harry inherit any of the Queen's money? ›

Royal Inheritance

Representatives told Forbes in 2021 that Harry was not a beneficiary of any of the $100 million left to the royal family by his great-grandmother, the Queen Mother.

Did Harry and Meghan inherit anything from the Queen? ›

Harry is also thought to have inherited millions from his great-grandmother, the Queen Mother. It is not known whether the late Queen left him any money. During her acting career, the Duchess of Sussex was reportedly paid $50,000 for each episode of the legal drama Suits.

Why could Prince Charles not remarry? ›

Answer: If Diana were still alive, Charles could remarry, because they were legally divorced. But he couldn't do it in an Anglican church.

Why was Harry not on the balcony at the coronation? ›

Prince Harry was placed in the third row in Westminster Abbey, among the non-working members of the family, and the duke is no longer privy to the balcony.

Why did Meghan not go with Harry? ›

Speaking earlier this month, Meghan's friend Omid Scobie claimed the royal family were "relieved" she had opted not to join Harry at the service. Now, Omid has argued the 41-year-old Duchess of Sussex chose against attending the celebration because she did not feel "comfortable or welcome enough" to do so.

Will Meghan go to Charles coronation? ›

Britain's royal family will be on center stage Saturday at the coronation of King Charles III, but three family members will be notably absent. Charles' daughter-in-law Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and two of his five grandchildren, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, will not attend the coronation.

When Charles becomes king what will Camilla be called? ›

In April 2023, when the royal family revealed King Charles's coronation invitation, they seemingly confirmed that Camilla will now go by Queen Camilla. And on coronation day, the royal family changed their website to reflect the Queen Camilla title.

What will Camilla wear to the coronation? ›

Arriving at the service, Camilla wore a crimson velvet and ermine Robe of State originally made for Queen Elizabeth's Coronation, conserved and adjusted by London's oldest tailors Ede and Ravenscroft.

Why does Camilla not have the title Queen? ›

So why did Camilla initially want to be Princess cCnsort and not Queen Consort? Apparently, this decision was made partly out of respect to Princess Diana—which is also why Camilla doesn't use the title Princess of Wales and instead goes by Duchess of Cornwall.

Can there be two queen mothers? ›

Instead, Augusta held the title of "Dowager Princess of Wales" (a precedent was Henry VII of England's mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, titled "My Lady the King's Mother"); Srinagarindra meanwhile received the designation "Princess Mother". As there is only one monarch, there can only be one queen mother.

How did Queen Elizabeth became queen? ›

On 6 February 1952, King George VI died following a prolonged illness and Princess Elizabeth immediately acceded to the throne, becoming Queen Elizabeth II and taking on all of the responsibilities which came with her new title.

Who will perform for King Charles coronation? ›

Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Tom Cruise among stars to perform at King Charles's coronation concert. An array of international pop stars will join a world-class orchestra and other entertainers at Windsor Castle on Monday, Australian time, for a concert held to honour King Charles III's coronation.

How much is the king's coronation? ›

Saturday is going to be expensive. The coronation ceremony has been years in the making, and according to ABC News, it comes with a staggering price tag of $125 million. While some have criticized the expense, it is clear that this will be a once-in-a-lifetime event for the royal family and the country as a whole.

Would Prince Harry ever become king? ›

In the event of Prince William's death occurring before King Charles', Prince Harry would still not be the next choice for King, instead that honour would move on to Prince William's eldest son, Prince George.

Will Prince Harry leave the royal family? ›

On 8 January 2020, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, announced on Instagram their decision to "step back as 'senior' members" of the British royal family, split their time between the United Kingdom and North America, and become financially independent.

What happened to all of Princess Diana's jewelry? ›

After the princess' death, most of her personal jewelry was inherited by her two sons Princes William and Harry, with pieces loaned to her during her lifetime being returned to Queen Elizabeth II, where they are most likely to have been inherited by King Charles in 2022.

Who has most of Diana's jewelry? ›

After Diana's tragic death at the age of 36 in a 1997 Paris car crash, her jewelry was inherited by her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. The glittering pieces collected by Diana throughout her married life held enormous sentimental value to both the princess and the princes.

How much money did Harry inherit from the Queen Mother? ›

The youngest of both brothers already had an inheritance from the Queen mother (Queen Elizabeth II's mother) of around $10 million. Plus, he had to share $14 million left by his mother, the late Princess Diana of Wales that was left for him and Prince William.

Who gets the Queen's jewels when she died? ›

King Charles III is inheriting more than just Queen Elizabeth II's crown. Following the death of Her Majesty on Sept. 8, the King is now in charge of the Crown Jewels, which have been handed down from British monarchs since the 17th century.

Who will Queen Elizabeth leave her money to? ›

Queen Elizabeth is believed to have left an estate worth approximately 782 million dollars solely to her son, King Charles. King Charles' inheritance from his mother will not be taxed due to the fact that money exchanged from "monarch to monarch" is exempt from taxation.

Who inherited Diana's money? ›

As per the documents she signed on June 1, 1993, her net worth, legally known as her estate, was divided between several different people, including her longtime butler, Paul Burrell, and her many godchildren. Unsurprisingly, though, her primary beneficiaries were her beloved sons, William and Harry.

What jewelry did Kate inherit from Diana? ›

Perhaps the most famous piece of jewelry Kate inherited from Princess Diana is this sapphire engagement ring. The ring was created by British jeweler Garrard and chosen by Prince Charles for his proposal to Diana in 1981.

Will Harry and Meghan lose their titles? ›

Royal expert Christopher Andersen, author of The King: The Life of Charles III (opens in new tab), tells Marie Claire exclusively that nothing will change in this regard: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will retain their titles, as will Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet,” he says.

What will Archie and Lilibet inherit from the Queen? ›

Under British royal protocol, both Lilibet and Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, the couple's 3-year-old son, are entitled to the titles of princess and prince as grandchildren of the sitting U.K. monarch.

Where was Harry in the coronation of King Charles? ›

Where did Harry sit at the coronation ceremony? Harry did not sit with other senior royals, instead he was three rows back during the elaborate ceremony. He did, however, appear to be smiling in many photos from the event.

Was Biden invited to King Charles coronation? ›

President Joe Biden didn't snub King Charles III by deciding to skip the coronation of the newest British monarch—he was simply following protocol. No sitting U.S. president has ever attended a coronation of a British monarch.

Who sat in front of Harry at the coronation? ›

William and Kate, wearing the formal best, were seated in not just the front row, but the end of the row closest to where the actual coronating occurred. (William played a significant part in the ceremony, as he knelt and pledged allegiance to his father, the king.

Who did Prince Harry talk to at coronation? ›

Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

As Prince Harry arrived he was seen chatting with his cousin Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. The trio entered the Abbey together, however, a body language expert claimed Beatrice looked to keep her distance.

Who is the rightful heir to the throne after King Charles? ›

1. William, Prince of Wales. Charles's eldest son, Prince William, is now first in line to the throne. Like his father before him, he's been granted the title Prince of Wales, as well as Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge, and William's wife Catherine is now Princess of Wales.

Why Biden did not go to coronation? ›

Biden is opting out of the event due to previous commitments. Jill Biden and her granddaughter, Finnegan Biden, arrived in London for the coronation on Friday.

Who would be king if Charles dies before Queen Elizabeth? ›

Why can't Prince William be king right away? As the eldest son of Charles and the late Princess Diana, William is now first in line to the British throne and is expected to one day become king. This will only happen when Charles dies or if he retires or abdicates and chooses to pass the crown to his son.


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